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The design studio of Lisa Caillet-Bois brings a modern, fresh approach to interiors. Both commercial and residential projects are undertaken by this full service design studio with a keen eye for simple, yet luxurious details, and an impeccable yet understated style. Carefully created by taking cues from world travels, architecture, a love of nature and eco friendly materials, designs complement and enhance California’s relaxed living.

With a diverse background in business, branding, art and product design, founder and trained industrial designer Lisa Caillet-Bois began her career during her university studies as a part-time project manager for an architecture firm in London, creating luxury apartments from disused industrial buildings in the City. 

Born and raised in England, Lisa now lives in Santa Barbara, California and spends her work time between managing her interior design studio, acquiring and remodeling houses and working on new paintings that she regularly shows in galleries across the country. Lisa is also passionate about fitness, natural food, the environment, start-ups and spending time in nature.